USFL Second Season Confirmed — Up to Four Hubs in Play
USFL Second Season Confirmed — Up to Four Hubs in Play

USFL Free Agent Signings Tracker

Stay up to date with all the latest off-season USFL free agent signings in the leadup to 2023. This list will be updated as official announcements are made on official USFL social channels.

DBKiante HardinMichigan Panthers
DBKeandre EvansMichigan Panthers
WRLa’Darius McElroyMichigan Panthers
RBLaDarren BrownMichigan Panthers
DBHasan Muhammad-RogersNew Jersey Generals
OLJonathan TimmonsNew Jersey Generals
SManny BunchHouston Gamblers
OLBruce TriggNew Jersey Generals
QBDaQuan NealNew Jersey Generals
OLChibueze NwannaNew Jersey Generals
WRAnthony TurnerNew Jersey Generals
OLWarren SabaMichigan Panthers
MLBPaddy FisherMichigan Panthers
OLBCharles WilliamsMichigan Panthers
OTKa'John ArmstrongMichigan Panthers
OLGene PryorMichigan Panthers
WRJoshua MooreHouston Gamblers
CBMark Fields IIBirmingham Stallions
OTJahmin JohnsonNew Jersey Generals
DTDion NovilHouston Gamblers
QBCase FourcadePittsburgh Maulers
KNathan HierlhyPittsburgh Maulers
WRJosh SimmonsPittsburgh Maulers
SDarion SladeNew Orleans Breakers
CCohl CabralBirmingham Stallions
LBElijah SullivanBirmingham Stallions
CSean McMooreNew Jersey Generals
WRArthur Jackson IIINew Jersey Generals
DTJustin CatesNew Jersey Generals
TEBryson CannonNew Jersey Generals
WRDarrell StewartNew Jersey Generals
LBBryan WrightNew Jersey Generals
ILBBrandon PayerHouston Gamblers
TEClint SiggHouston Gamblers
DEReggie WalkerHouston Gamblers
WRDeontez AlexanderHouston Gamblers
CBNazir StreaterHouston Gamblers
WRSamuel AkemPhiladelphia Stars
WRIsaiah McKoyMichigan Panthers
WRRyan McDanielTampa Bay Bandits
WRD.J. MyersTampa Bay Bandits
OLBL.B. Mack IIITampa Bay Bandits
LSLuke BarnesPittsburgh Maulers
FBMason StokkePittsburgh Maulers
DBCaleb HamPittsburgh Maulers
SEric BurrellPittsburgh Maulers
WRHunter RisonPittsburgh Maulers
OLBAbdulmalik LawalTampa Bay Bandits
DBXavier LewisPittsburgh Maulers
QBJames MorganPittsburgh Maulers
QBTroy WilliamsPittsburgh Maulers
WRTorrian "Keke" ChismHouston Gamblers
WRMister "Whop" PhilyorMichigan Panthers
DBBeau TannerPittsburgh Maulers
PMatt MengelPittsburgh Maulers
CBShedrick KirkPittsburgh Maulers
DBSedevyn GrayPittsburgh Maulers
OGColby ThomasPittsburgh Maulers
DTJamal MilanMichigan Panthers
OCNoah JohnsonMichigan Panthers
CBNick GrantHouston Gamblers
CBMalcolm WashingtonHouston Gamblers
CBAdehkeem BrownNew Jersey Generals
WRWarren NewmanNew Jersey Generals
CBMichael SamNew Jersey Generals
DTTyrone TruesdellNew Jersey Generals
LBWillie Eubanks IIINew Jersey Generals
WRDevin GrayPhiladelphia Stars
DBDenzel WilliamsPhiladelphia Stars
DTGarrett MarinoMichigan Panthers
LBStorey JacksonHouston Gamblers
OCBraylon JonesHouston Gamblers
DTKenneth RandallNew Jersey Generals
DEKahzin DanielsTampa Bay Bandits
CBTrajan BandyPittsburgh Maulers
RBDuane GaryPittsburgh Maulers
OGJerome BrownPittsburgh Maulers
TECole HikutiniMichigan Panthers
CBTrajan BandyPittsburgh Maulers
RBDuane GaryPittsburgh Maulers
OGJerome BrownPittsburgh Maulers
OGKwan StallworthTampa Bay Bandits
CBKarrheem DarringtonTampa Bay Bandits
DESamuel Wright IINew Orleans Breakers
OTNa’Ty RodgersHouston Gamblers
WRJeff EjekamTampa Bay Bandits
RBDavid HammTampa Bay Bandits
SKyree WoodsTampa Bay Bandits
SLamont McPhatter IITampa Bay Bandits
TEDarrell AdamsTampa Bay Bandits
OTChibueze NwannaNew Jersey Generals
OTBamidele OlaseniHouston Gamblers
SStefan ClaiborneHouston Gamblers
LBKadofi WrightPhiladelphia Stars
TEDatryan EvansPittsburgh Maulers
DBJermaine PonderNew Jersey Generals
ILBTyler DresslerHouston Gamblers
WRJustin HallHouston Gamblers
DBAnthony "Trey" HoskinsHouston Gamblers
ILBRashad SmithBirmingham Stallions
OTAiron ServaisPhiladelphia Stars
LBAaron HansfordTampa Bay Bandits
RBKerrith WhyteTampa Bay Bandits