USFL Week 2: How to Watch and Attend Every Game


FOX Sports & NBC Sports Partner to Broadcast All 43 Games in Inaugural Season

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 8, 2022 – The new United States Football League (USFL) today announced its regular- and postseason television schedule. FOX Sports and NBC Sports, the League’s official media partners, will combine to present all 43 games live this inaugural season. There will be 18 primetime broadcasts, including the USFL Championship Game on Sunday, July 3 airing on FOX from Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

NBC Sports and FOX Sports will each broadcast one semifinal game on Saturday, June 25, from Canton, with the first airing at 3:00 PM ET on FOX, and the second in primetime at 8:00 PM ET on NBC and streaming on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

The USFL inaugural kickoff game on April 16 begins at 7:30 PM ET (6:30 PM CT) at Birmingham’s Protective Stadium. The primetime matchup pits the New Jersey Generals against the Birmingham Stallions and will be presented live on FOX, NBC, and Peacock. It is the first scheduled sports competition to air at the same time on two competitive networks since Super Bowl I broadcasted on NBC and CBS, January 15, 1967. For this historic game, NBC Sports will provide pregame, halftime, and postgame coverage which will air on both networks, utilizing its on-air, production, and technical personnel. FOX Sports will produce the game coverage, which both networks will carry, using its broadcasters, production, and technical staff, and the same commercials will run on each network throughout the broadcast.

For the 2022 USFL season, FOX Sports will carry 22 games split between FOX (14) and FS1 (8), and NBC Sports will present 22 games on NBC (9), USA Network (9), and Peacock (4), which will also stream all games broadcast on NBC. The combined regular-season coverage on NBC and FOX will give the USFL 22 broadcast windows, more than any regularly scheduled sport in the first half of 2022. Each network will reveal its respective production details, including broadcast teams, later.

Yesterday, the USFL announced the regular-season team versus team matchups including confirmed dates and start times for Week 1 and Week 2. Broadcast specifics for the remaining weeks of the season will be announced on the Monday two-weeks prior (e.g., Week 3 specifics will be announced on Monday, April 18, Week 4 specifics on Monday, April 25, etc.).


Total Games – 43

Total Telecasts – 44

Simulcasts – 1

Primetime Games – 18

FOX & NBC Broadcasts – 23

FOX – 14

FS1 – 8

NBC & Peacock – 9

USA – 9

Peacock (exclusive)  – 4

Friday Games – 4

Saturday Games – 19

Sunday Games – 20

About the USFL

The United States Football League (USFL) is a new, independent football league that is not affiliated with the defunct 1980s league or its owners. The inaugural USFL season will kick off April 16 with eight teams split into two divisions: the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Gamblers, New Orleans Breakers, and Tampa Bay Bandits in the South Division; and the Michigan Panthers, Pittsburgh Maulers, New Jersey Generals, and Philadelphia Stars in the North Division. Each team will play a 10-game schedule, followed by semifinals on June 25 between the top two teams in each division and a championship game on July 3 between division winners. The USFL will complete its inaugural Player Draft with a supplemental round on March 10. Players will report to training camps on March 22. Each USFL team will carry a 38-man active roster plus a seven-man practice squad, and players will receive base compensation in addition to being eligible for victory bonuses. NBC Sports and FOX Sports are the League’s official media partners and will broadcast all 43 regular- and postseason games on FOX, FS1, NBC, USA, or Peacock networks. Brian Woods is President of Football Operations, and former Dallas Cowboys standout and long-time NFL on FOX game analyst Daryl Johnston is Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Former NFL Vice President of Officiating and FOX Sports’ NFL and college football rules analyst Mike Pereira is Head of Officiating, and FOX Sports’ Edward Hartman is Executive Vice President of Business Operations. For more information, visit and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


(Schedule subject to change)

Week 1

New Jersey Generals at Birmingham Stallions
Saturday 4/16 – 7:30PM EST – FOX/NBC – Stream

Houston Gamblers at Michigan Panthers
Sunday 4/17 – 12PM EST – NBC & Peacock – Stream

Philadelphia Stars at New Orleans Breakers
Sunday 4/17 – 4PM EST – USA – Stream

Tampa Bay Bandits at Pittsburgh Maulers
Sunday 4/17 – 8PM EST – FS1 – Stream

Week 2

Michigan Panthers at New Jersey Generals
Friday 4/22 – 8PM EST – USA – Stream

Pittsburgh Maulers at Philadelphia Stars
Saturday 4/23 – 12PM EST – FOX – Stream

Birmingham Stallions at Houston Gamblers
Saturday 4/23 – 7PM EST – FS1 – Stream

New Orleans Breakers at Tampa Bay Bandits
Sunday 4/24 – 3PM EST – NBC & Peacock – Stream

Week 3

Tampa Bay Bandits at Houston Gamblers
Saturday 4/30 – 3PM EST – FOX – Stream

Birmingham Stallions at New Orleans Breakers
Saturday 4/30 – 7PM EST – FOX – Stream

Pittsburgh Maulers at Michigan Panthers
Sunday 5/1 – 1:30PM EST – USA – Stream

New Jersey Generals at Philadelphia Stars
Sunday 5/1 – 7PM EST – Peacock – Stream

Week 4

Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers
Friday 5/6 – 10PM EST – FS1 – Stream

New Jersey Generals at Pittsburgh Maulers
Saturday 5/7 – 2:30PM EST – Peacock – Stream

Tampa Bay Bandits at Birmingham Stallions
Saturday 5/7 – 7PM EST – FOX – Stream

Houston Gamblers at New Orleans Breakers
Sunday 5/8 – 3PM EST – NBC & Peacock – Stream

Week 5

Michigan Panthers at Tampa Bay Bandits
Friday 5/13 – 8PM EST – USA – Stream

New Orleans Breakers at New Jersey Generals
Saturday 5/14 – 3PM EST – FOX – Stream

Birmingham Stallions at Philadelphia Stars
Sunday 5/15 – 12PM EST – NBC – Stream

Pittsburgh Maulers at Houston Gamblers
Sunday 5/15 – 4PM EST – FOX – Stream

Week 6

Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars
Saturday 5/21 – 1PM EST – NBC – Stream

Michigan Panthers at Birmingham Stallions
Saturday 5/21 – 7:30PM EST – NBC – Stream

Pittsburgh Maulers at New Orleans Breakers
Sunday 5/22 – 12PM EST – FS1– Stream

Houston Gamblers at New Jersey Generals
Sunday 5/22 – 4PM EST – FOX – Stream

Week 7

New Jersey Generals at Tampa Bay Bandits
Saturday 5/28 – 12PM EST – USA – Stream

New Orleans Breakers at Michigan Panthers
Saturday 5/28 – 9PM EST – FS1 – Stream

Birmingham Stallions at Pittsburgh Maulers
Sunday 5/29 – 2PM EST – FOX – Stream

Philadelphia Stars at Houston Gamblers
Sunday 5/29 – 6PM EST – Peacock – Stream

Remaining USFL TV Schedule TBD – This page will be updated when more information is known.

Week 8

Michigan Panthers at Philadelphia Stars

Houston Gamblers at Tampa Bay Bandits

Pittsburgh Maulers at New Jersey Generals

New Orleans Breakers at Birmingham Stallions

Week 9

Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions

Philadelphia Stars at Pittsburgh Maulers

New Jersey Generals at Michigan Panthers

Tampa Bay Bandits at New Orleans Breakers

Week 10

Michigan Panthers at Pittsburgh Maulers

Philadelphia Stars at New Jersey Generals

Birmingham Stallions at Tampa Bay Bandits

New Orleans Breakers at Houston Gamblers

USFL Playoffs

Saturday 6/25 – 3PM EST – FOX – Stream

Saturday 6/25 – 8PM EST – NBC & Peacock – Stream

USFL Championship

Sunday 7/3 – 7:30PM EST – FOX – Stream


WEEK             MATCHUP                  DATE                          TIME                     NETWORK

1          New Jersey at Birmingham    Saturday 4/16             7:30 PM ET     *FOX & NBC & Peacock

1          Houston at Michigan               Sunday   4/17              12:00 PM ET     NBC & Peacock

1          Philadelphia at New Orleans  Sunday   4/17              4:00 PM ET       USA

1          Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh        Sunday   4/17              8:00 PM ET       FS1

2          Michigan at New Jersey         Friday     4/22              8:00 PM ET       USA

2          Pittsburgh at Philadelphia       Saturday 4/23             12:00 PM ET     FOX

2          Birmingham at Houston          Saturday 4/23             7:00 PM ET       FS1

2          New Orleans at Tampa Bay   Sunday   4/24              3:00 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

3                                                          Saturday 4/30             12:00 PM ET     FOX

3          Announced 4/18                     Saturday 4/30             8:00 PM ET       FOX

3                                                          Sunday   5/1                2:30 PM ET       USA

3                                                          Sunday   5/1                8:00 PM ET       Peacock

4                                                          Friday     5/6                10:00 PM ET     FS1

4          Announced 4/25                     Saturday 5/7               2:30 PM ET       USA

4                                                          Saturday 5/7               10:00 PM ET     FS1

4                                                          Sunday   5/8                2:00 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

5                                                          Friday     5/13              8:00 PM ET       USA

5          Announced 5/2                        Saturday 5/14             3:00 PM ET       FOX

5                                                          Sunday   5/15              12:00 PM ET     NBC & Peacock

5                                                          Sunday   5/15              4:00 PM ET       FOX

6                                                          Saturday 5/21             1:00 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

6          Announced 5/9                        Saturday 5/21             7:30 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

6                                                          Sunday   5/22              12:00 PM ET     FS1

6                                                          Sunday   5/22              4:00 PM ET      FOX

7                                                          Saturday 5/28             12:00 PM ET     USA

7          Announced 5/16                     Saturday 5/28             9:00 PM ET       FS1

7                                                          Sunday   5/29              2:00 PM ET       FOX

7                                                          Sunday   5/29              8:00 PM ET       Peacock

8                                                          Friday     6/3                8:00 PM ET       USA

8          Announced 5/23                     Saturday 6/4               3:00 PM ET       FOX

8                                                          Sunday   6/5                12:00 PM ET     FOX

8                                                          Sunday   6/5                4:00 PM ET       Peacock

9                                                          Saturday 6/11             1:00 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

9          Announced 5/30                     Saturday 6/11             6:00 PM ET       USA

9                                                          Sunday   6/12              4:00 PM ET       FOX

9                                                          Sunday   6/12              7:30 PM ET       FS1

10                                                        Saturday 6/18             12:00 PM ET     USA

10        Announced 6/6                        Saturday 6/18             4:00 PM ET       FOX

10                                                        Sunday   6/19              4:00 PM ET       Peacock

10                                                        Sunday   6/19              8:30 PM ET       FS1

SEMIFINAL                                         Saturday 6/25             3:00 PM ET       FOX

SEMIFINAL                                         Saturday 6/25             8:00 PM ET       NBC & Peacock

CHAMPIONSHIP                                Sunday   7/3                7:30 PM ET       FOX


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  1. i just heard yall were playing again. need better promotion dept. already 2 games in. excited about tomorrows game. was at the first gamblers home game in the astro dome. jim kelly, jack pardee, and the red dog aka. run and shoot offence. i hope to see a quality product tomorrow. i heard yall play in only one stadium and have a lack in attendance. by not playing home games it will be harder to gain fans, hurt team/league of branded merch sales. also limits team/league exposure to local markets and media. as far as attendance goes, no one goes to a game unless they have a deep personal emotional attachment to a team. anyway i hope the league has a sucessfull year. go gamblers!

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