Daryl Johnston Responds to Fan Criticism of New USFL

Daryl Johnston Discusses Possible USFL Expansion

Yesterday the USFL finally revealed the eight team names and logos for relaunch in 2022. Up until then, we knew that the league would be playing out of a central location in 2022, presumably Birmingham, with the goal of all franchises moving to their respective cities by the third season.

After the news broke, Daryl Johnston (EVP Football Operations) joined The Blitz to talk about the upcoming USFL season.

Kicking off the interview Jason Minnix says he was “a little surprised and honestly disappointed San Antonio’s not in the mix with the UFSL, at least not at the beginning”.

Johnston states that the league is hoping to have success this time and push this (USFL) into season two and three. At which point, the league would hope to bring more teams back into the league.

He specifically mentions the support that the San Antonio Commanders had in the AAF, which shows that the fans in San Antonio want spring football… or football in general.

It’s probably a little early for speculation, especially since the league still yet to kickoff. That being said, it’s great to see that the USFL executives are seemingly looking towards the future for the league.

The group also discussed that if the league can make it past the first season that it has the opportunity to make spring football work for the first time in a long time.

When the teams names were revealed yesterday, it was noticed that none of the franchises were located on the west coast. With the USFL possibly considering expansion in the future, we think San Antonio is a no brainer.

If the USFL does expand, which cities would you like to see the league target? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. This league has to be committed to push through even if numbers are low until they turn a profit.
    By 2030 Id like to see all original teams return plus a merger with the XFL.
    No matter what happens they have to convince the fans this league is here to stay.
    Some fans will wait and see until they invest in committing especially after UFL AAF XFL.
    So Its up to Fox and everyone else to keep tweaking until they settle on what fans respond to instead of pulling the plug if they struggle because we all know if they quit it just leaves a void for another league to pop up (MLFB has yet to launch) so they have got be in it to win it and be known as the true cousin of the NFL not a minor league but just an alternate pro league for players coaches & fans, even a league for American owners of color & gender equal in talent and respect.

  2. How about the Columbus Bulls!
    Used to be the Columbus Bulls back in the 1940 & 1941 AFL, which the Bulls won both years before WWII broke out.

  3. There’s plenty of cities deserving of a team that has been snubbed by the NFL or NFL teams have left their former cities. There’s only so much money that a family can allocate to support a pro team. I would just stay out of NFL cities IMO. Just to name a few – Memphis, San Antonio, St Louis, San Diego, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Portland, Louisville. I hope bringing back the USFL succeeds. I’d rather have the USFL vs XFL.

  4. Green Bay Packers public ownership is what’s needed for both the USFL and XFL moving forward.

  5. The Cleveland Bulldogs, the original name of the Cleveland football Team. they can also be the Cleveland Lakers

  6. Oakland Invaders, San Antonio Gunslingers, Jacksonville Bulls, Denver Gold, St. Louis (insert name here). All of these cities have stadiums that are ready for football.

  7. I couldn’t agree more about the USFL rather than the XFL. Being that I was 12 when the first go round for the USFL happened, I’m a bit biased.
    San Antonio has more than proven they deserve a pro team. I’d love to see the Memphis Showboats return as well. Just pumped and truly hoping to see this become a success. Fingers crossed!

  8. THIS SHOULD BE A PRIMARY GOAL! Large LOCAL companies can purchase up to 10% includes some marketing and LIMITED to 49% for xyz per percent.
    Individuals can purchase 1 tenth of 1% up to a TOTAL of 1% at half the rate of 1% for Local Corporations. If my family and I could purchase 1 tenth of the team with season tickets for XYZ, I’d attend and watch, follow, support the team as long as they keep politics OUT of the league! No kneeling during yOUR National Anthem. Protest on YOUR time, not OURS! Put it IN THE CONTRACT!

  9. Agree! Going after big cities for MONEY is the wrong play. Cater to the FOOTBALL FAN and their LOCAL companies. Create teams by including marketing, ownership and attendance (tickets). I’ll write a check for $5000 1/10th as an individual owner that includes season tickets (4-8 home games). Make the championship United States Super Bowl or USFL World Championship with an OPEN INVITATION to play the previous Super Bowl champions as one of their pre-season or in season games. CHALLENGE the NFL, it will DEFINATELY DRAW more fans, especially when the USFL champion team defeats the latest Super Bowl champion. Make the trophy like the Stanley Cup, the winning team has their players/coaches names etched FOREVER on the traveling trophy. Let players have the cup for a day. FUN FUN FUN
    Also, use Twitter to talk to coaches and players LIVE. Especially coaches. Every fan hates when a coach changes from an OBVIOUS hot player or action to just ‘mix it up’ like baseball changing a pitcher after one at bat. Let the players SHINE. Seattle would have 2 championships if the fans tweet ….. RUN NOT PASS!!!!!

  10. As of April 30, 2022
    San Antonio has the most mentions with 11
    Memphis with 7
    St. Louis 6
    Jacksonville 5
    Oklahoma City 5
    NFL cities like Okland (6), San Diego (4)
    There are MULTITUDES of fans that have been dismissed by the NFL because of politics and social cancelling. The USFL can contract players that time on the team is representing the team NOT an individual person. No KNEELING!
    I like another colorado team (don’t care about the name), I love the Broncos but hate the NFL!
    You know things are f’d up when the CEO of the NFL makes 63 million a year. That says it all!!!! That’s why RG gets bood, everywhere he goes!

  11. when the USFL announced their teams I immediately knew where they would struggle and where they would FLOURISH!

    Tampa Bay
    New Orleans

    Michigan (maybe)

    Why? Forget competing with NFL teams, especially established and championship teams like Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.
    I understand “it takes money” to run a league but for now, PROMOTE THE FANS, TEAMS AND CITIES. Birmingham is a GREAT choice. Michigan is a state!
    Go after NON professional states
    Colorado has GREAT fans but two teams in Denver is stupid. Land the Pueblo and Colorado Springs cities with the Colorado Crusaders or something like that.
    Montana Miners or something
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma.
    My dad used to say, the NFL would make more money if they played for states instead of cities. Quit thinking about markets and capture STATES that don’t have professional teams LIKE MISSISSIPPI.
    States are your direct opportunity and PUBLIC OWNERSHIP is your QUICKEST path to get there!

  12. I know I keep posting a lot of the same stuff over and over but I REALLY want this league to surivive now and the coming depression. Don’t make it about THE LEAGUE, make it about the FANS &large local corporations. They’re the one’s that will support the team in good and bad times.
    Charging $80 for a generic USFL jersey is promoting THE LEAGUE.
    People don’t care about the league making money, they want their TEAM to make money and get wins. Quit focusing on USFL USFL USFL USFL and BE LASER FOCUSED on THE FANS!!!!
    Players should ALL have their NAMES on THEIR jerseys for fans to buy.
    If you don’t focus on states and fans, you’ll be done after 2024. You’re marketing and positioning is ALL WRONG!

  13. The Washington Defenders of the XFL had a Great Fan base. Washington fans are starved for an alternative to
    the Commander Stooge show
    Bring back The Washington Federals Also, Living in Jacksonville Fl I’d love to see The Bulls Return

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